Mat Wright

Delivering transformation through innovation 

SPHEIR focuses on achieving transformative change in higher education by delivering innovation across three key areas:

  • innovative partnerships – bringing new and diverse organisations and providers, including the private sector, together to encourage synergy and ambition
  • innovative solutions – fostering creativity to find new and more effective ways of addressing higher education challenges
  • an innovative approach – focusing on scale and sustainability to lead to systemic, whole-sector change and lasting impact.

SPHEIR areas of focus


SPHEIR partnerships will develop solutions to make higher education accessible and available to more people, including under-represented groups. To do this, partnerships can focus on developing new types of provision (such as online learning and blended delivery), and creating new and innovative content to enable greater participation.


SPHEIR partnerships will focus on delivering quality higher education that better meets labour market needs. By engaging the private and public sectors and tailoring content to match employer demands, SPHEIR will boost the employability skills of graduates and support the social and economic development of its focus countries.


SPHEIR partnerships will improve the quality of higher education in key areas, through accreditation, improving teaching and learning outcomes, and supporting more effective management at both the institutional and systemic levels.


SPHEIR partnerships will pilot and adapt solutions to ensure good quality higher education can be delivered to large numbers of people, creating lasting impact nationally and internationally.


SPHEIR partnerships will focus on embedding strategic and systemic change to deliver impact within and beyond the lifetime of the programme.


SPHEIR partnerships will develop and implement transformative solutions that will allow higher education to be delivered at a cost that is within the means of individuals and governments in focus countries, on a sustainable basis.


Technology can deliver real added value in addressing higher education challenges. SPHEIR supports the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) where this impact can be demonstrated, particularly in the areas of accessibility and affordability, but also through the development of new course content and modes of delivery.