By the SPHEIR team

30 September 2020 - 10:57

Student studying online

Mat Wright

We are pleased to share with you the recording of a SPHEIR webinar 'Varieties of online higher education in SPHEIR’ which took place on 24 September 2020. 

All SPHEIR projects use some form of online activity to support their goals in higher education reform. This session explores the delivery of formal online learning to students, and looks at the experience of three SPHEIR partnerships:

  • The online tutorials and other content provided to medical and nursing students under the Prepared for Practice (PfP) project in Somaliland. 
    Presented by Hannah Ware – King’s Somaliland Partnership, Senior Programme Officer and Stephen Thomas – MedicineAfrica, CEO. 
    Hannah and Stephen’s section starts at 5 minutes 36 seconds of the recording.
  • The quality-assured blended learning modules developed by East African universities through the Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning (PEBL) project. 
    Presented by Fiona Khandoker - PEBL Programme Manager. 
    Fiona’s section starts at 25 minutes 50 seconds of the recording.
  • The online and blended learning programmes developed by the Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access (PADILEIA) project to increase access to higher education for refugee and disadvantaged host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. 
    Presented by Hajera Begum - PADILEIA Programme Manager. 
    Hajera’s section starts at 46 minutes 30 seconds of the recording.

Presenters from the three partnerships share how each online component was designed and executed, and describe the challenges encountered and adaptations made, as well as lessons learned. There is also a Q&A section which starts at 1 hour 16 minutes of the recording. 

You can play the recording directly below, or you can access it here if you prefer: Webinar recording 'Varieties of online higher education in SPHEIR'. The recording lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. We will be holding two further SPHEIR webinars this Autumn 2020 exploring online delivery of student support services and capacity building for staff. We will share recordings of these webinars in upcoming SPHEIR newsletters and on the SPHEIR website.