Research-oriented publications intended to inform higher education policy and/or management. External evaluations, rapid assessments and policy recommendations will appear under this section.


  • INASP, July 2021, TESCEA, Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa: an Evaluation. Read the report.
  • INASP, July 2021, PEBL, Summative Evaluation of Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning project. Read the report.
  • IPE Triple Line, Technopolis Group, University of Bedfordshire, April 2021, SPHEIR Mid-Term Evaluation report. Read the report.
  • Jigsaw Consult, February 2021, PADILEIA, PADILEIA Rapid Evaluation: Community report. Read the report.


  • Lewis, H., Zenodo, September 2021, AQHEd-SL, How do we waterfall capacity building across Sierra Leonean Universities? Read the paper.
  • Hoffman, J, SPHEIR Fund Manager, February 2021, Reflections on SPHEIR and development outcomes. Read the paper.
  • Hoffman, J., SPHEIR Fund Manager, September 2020, Varieties of employer engagement and higher education transformation in SPHEIR. Read the paper.
  • Nzegwu, F. , INASP,  August 2018, TESCEA, Using adaptive monitoring, evaluation and learning in programme design. Read the paper.

Blogs and articles

  • The SPHEIR team, September 2021, SPHEIR project evaluation reports. Read the blog and view the reports.
  • Hu, D., ACU website, September 2021, PEBL, Digital Transformation Journeys. Read the blog.
  • Hu, D., ACU website, September 2021, PEBL, The impact of PEBL: key takeaways from an external evaluation. Read the blog.
  • Nakweya, G., University World News, July 2019, PEDAL, Technological innovations – A key to reaching students. Read the article.
  • Pritchard, D., SPHEIR External Evaluator, July 2019, SPHEIR’s External Evaluators outline the logic and scope of their educator and student surveys. Read the blog.
  • Al-Mossallami, M., FCDO, June 2019, Higher education partnerships and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read the blog.
  • O’Malley, B., University World News, December 2016, Can aid bring innovation to higher education systems? Read the article.
  • O’Malley, B, University World News, October 2016, DFID project attempts to catalyse change in HE systems. Read the article.