Three students sharing ideas during their class

Although only one of the SPHEIR projects is focused specifically on higher education for refugees, or education in emergencies, a rich variety of knowledge publications has emerged that explores various aspects of this experience, often complementing knowledge on other topics, such as curriculum design, distance education and blended learning.

Blogs and articles

  • The PADILEIA Project Team, King's College London, September, Accessing higher education: Online mentoring for Syrian students. Read the blog. 
  • Newman, J., The Guardian, November 2019, PADILEIA, Universities are failing refugees. They must do more to prevent a ‘lost generation’. Read the article.
  • The PADILEIA Project Team, King's College London, October 2019, Breaking down barriers to higher education for Syrian refugees. Read the blog.
  • Mitchell, N, University World News,December 2018, PADILEIA, Digital programme gives Syrian refugees access to HE. Read the article.
  • Reay, F, FutureLearn, November 2018, PADILEIA, Key Learnings from teaching English to refugees online. Read the blog.
  • Wood, A., WonkHE, October 2018, PADILEIA, Designing online courses for refugees. Read the blog.
  • Reay, F., The PIE, August 2018, PADILEIA, How technology is helping to educate Syrian refugees. Read the article.