Notes of paper mapping out a skills matrix
Photo taken by Tabitha Buchner, INASP, at a TESCEA course redesign workshop 

All but one SPHEIR project includes activities to enhance teaching skills. In some projects this involves training in new teaching and assessment practices for teaching staff across multiple universities, disciplines and countries (PEDAL, PEBL); while in other projects pedagogical development complements curriculum reform of specific degree programmes, or module/course offerings (TESCEA, AQHED, PfP, TIDE, PADILEIA).


Papers and reports

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Blogs and articles

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Videos and webinars

  • INASP, July 2020, TESCEA student perspective: Dorice Kagisa, University of Dodoma. Watch the video.
  • INASP, July 2020, TESCEA student perspective: Ignatus Mkonga, University of Dodoma. Watch the video.
  • INASP, December 2019, TESCEA, Multipliers in the TESCEA partnership. Watch the video.
  • INASP, November 2019, TESCEA, Gloriana Monko discusses curriculum redesign and the role of "multipliers" in the TESCEA partnership, University of Dodoma. Watch the video.
  • INASP, April 2019, TESCEA, Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa. Watch the video.
  • Pedagogical Leadership Training for Africa, AAU TV,2019, Video series (PEDAL training). Watch the series.
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